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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post it Note Names

Name Activities - Post it Notes
Can you find your name? This was the game we played last week. I wrote each letter of my student's names on post it notes and placed all around the room. Then when they arrived I gave them a paper with their name on it, they took their paper and searched for the letters. Once they found them all they placed them in order, on their desk to make sure. It was interesting because some kiddos had to begin by finding the first letter in their name, other kids picked up letters as they came across them. Then I had them color the name card I had given them in a pattern.

Octopus and Straws

Octopus art project - Letter O Activity
For letter Oo we made an octopus. I gave each student an octopus head that they colored and cut out. Next I had sheets of colored construction paper that I had drawn lines on with a sharpie marker. The kids chose what colors they would like to use. Some made patterns and some chose lots of different colors. Then they cut down the line to make their own strips which were used as the tentacles. Next I cut up drinking straws into 3 pieces each. The straws became their paintbrushes. They dipped the straw into the paint and dotted each tentacle. Using straws was a bit tricky because if I cut them uneven it would only paint one side of a circle. You kind of scoop the paint into the straw then dot the paper. The reason we used straws was because they look like the letter O. In the end some of the art projects looked more like a spider or a creature from another planet but they all turned out unique and fun. Here is the Printable for Octopus Head
Octopus art project - Letter O Activity

Friday, January 18, 2013

N is for Numbers

Letter N is for Numbers
This was another math/art project we did for the letter Nn. The students colored and cut out numbers 0-20 and then glued them onto the letter N n. You can find the printable here: N is for Numbers Printable

Macaroni Mittens

The Mitten - Colorful Macaroni
I love the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. Each year I read and act out this story. This year I wanted to change things up a bit and try something different. I used the mitten printable from the Jan Brett website. I printed the mittens on card stock, the kids cut the 2 mittens out, punched holes, and then laced together. All of this was for building fine motor practice. Then the next day we colored macaroni. I had purchased lots of different shapes of pasta. In small Ziploc bags we placed about 1/2 cup of macaroni. Then the kids added 3-6 drops of food coloring. I added a splash of hydrogen peroxide (I was not exact on measurement somewhere around 1 tsp.) We then closed the bags and shook everything together. Once the colors were mixed well I dumped everything out on wax paper or tinfoil until dry. Coloring the pasta was also a good experiment for the kids because we worked on mixing primary colors red, yellow, and blue together to create green, purple, and orange. Finally the next day the students glued their macaroni onto their mittens. I showed them my example which included patterns and designs. I then let them do what they wanted on their mitten. This was so much fun and once dry the kiddos wore their mittens home. You can find the printable of the mitten here: Macaroni Mittens Printable

The Mitten - Colorful Macaroni

Nest with Fingerprint Eggs

This week my kiddos are learning about the letter N n. I put together 3 pages of nests with numbers. The kids then identified the number and placed that many fingerprints in each nest. They had fun with this activity because it was different. If you have the students use a different finger each time they make the eggs this works on finger isolation and strength which is great fine motor. They also enjoy fingerprint art. The free printable is located here:  Nest Printables
Letter N - Nest with Fingerprint Eggs
Letter N - Nest with Fingerprint Eggs

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mickey and m&m's

This week we have been learning about the letter M. There are so many things to choose from to teach the letter M. We began with Mickey and Minnie Mouse Masks. The kids couldn't wait to make these. With the mask you can tie it on using yarn or attach it to a popsicle stick. Mickey & Minnie Mask Printable

We aslo worked with m&m's. What is better than Mickey and candy, I don't know! We sorted m&m's by color, created patterns, and graphed using m&m's m&m graph printable

Humpty Dumpty

When I taught my preschoolers letter H h, I realized that they didn't know the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. I found a clip on YouTube and showed them the story. We also reenacted the story by sitting on the tables, couches, and chairs, then when Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall we all tumbled to the ground. Finally we made our own Humpty. You can find the printable below. I had the kids cut out their egg, then we cracked him (cut him apart) and put him back together again with band aids. In addition to the band aids I taped the back together so it would stay put. I cut strips of paper for the arms and legs that the kiddos folded back and forth. We then attached the arms and legs to the body using brads so that they could move. During play time all the students wanted to do was to play with their Humpty Dumpty and fall off the wall.   Humpty Dumpty Printable

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Years Art

Sequin Ball for New Year's Eve
This year my older students created their own New Year's Eve Ball. I purchased 2" Styrofoam balls, lots of colorful sequins, and pins. The kiddos an I began pushing the sequins in with the pins until the balls were covered. I loved this art project because it was unlike anything else we had done before. Pushing all the sequins in was excellent fine motor for all the kids. A few ideas for the future, find short pins because as your ball fills up you will have more difficulty pushing more pins into the center. Each ball had roughly 400 sequins and pins. I also added a small loop using twine. I tied a double knot in the twine and pushed 2 pins through the knot and into the ball to secure the hold. I then hung mine from the chain on my ceiling fan.
Sequin Ball